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Good day, Crappy crappy crappy evening

My big holiday day off from work started at 6:30 a.m.--- blech!

Andy must have been having nightmares because he woke up crying at 6:30. Steve went into his room to try and calm him down since he was awake, up and about, getting ready for work. Andy wasn’t hearing it and the crying over the monitor had me completely awake anyway. I dressed quickly and went in to calm my boy. I got him up, changed his diaper and through his coat on over his jammies and off we went to Target to get some marked down Christmas stuff.

Of course, everything was totally picked over and disorganized but I bought six or seven rolls of wrapping paper and five boxes of cards for next year. I also bought a plastic storage bin for our decorations.

We were home within 45 minutes and Rachel was awake but laying in bed, totally ignoring the dog who she is supposed to get up and take out before 8. She forgot—grrrrrr. So that started my day off with her. I was annoyed and don’t understand how you can “forget” to do something you do every single day. I got Andy dressed and made some phone calls.

My best friend (Andy’s godmother) is in town for a few days. She was relocated to Wisconsin a year or so ago and only gets home for the holidays so we made plans to get together for lunch to catch up and so she could see Andy. I made arrangements to leave Rachel at my mom’s house. My mom gave me some ribbing about it but I was adamant. I didn’t want to have to censor myself with Maria in telling her what’s going on with me because Rachel was present. Maria barely knows Rachel. Plus, staying at my mom’s, Rachel could play with Foobie and I could have a break from her.

I already had a tin of cookies and a picture frame for her, but I ran to Barnes and Noble to get Maria our traditional Christmas gift for each other-- a calendar. I wasn't sure if I'd be seeing her or if I'd be shipping her gifts to Cheese-land so I hadn't bought it earlier. I think the first Christmas we knew each other we both bought the other a calendar for Christmas-- without consultation. It's become sort of a joke between us. I also got a copy of the book I worked on with my boss at my last job. He was supposed to have me sent a comp copy from the publisher but that never materialized. Whatever. I also bought a nice new journal to copy over what I’d written to/about Joey for the duration of this pregnancy so far. I’d been writing in an old notebook but it’s tacky so I wanted to copy it over. I have a lot of work ahead of me. Anyway.

Maria and I went for our traditional diner lunch at Topps in East Newark/Harrison. It was packed and we ended up waiting for about 20 minutes with Andy in the crowded vestibule. Andy was remarkable well behaved for most of that time and only got really antsy just before we were called to a table. I sooooooo miss having Maria around. Aside from Steve she’s probably the person who knows me the best and doesn’t let me get away with putting up a front.

Funny thing that that happened at the diner: I pulled a couple Weebles out of my diaper bag. Maria looked at them and asked, “What the hell are those things?”

“Weebles,” I said, “You know, Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!” She looked at me like I had was from another planet and shook her head. We went back to our menus and playing with Andy, whatever.

So the waiter came over and took our drink order and then noticed Andy’s toys on the table. He said, “Oooh, you have Weebles! You know, Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!”

Maria asked if I paid the guy. Hee hee. The advertising genius who came up with that slogan deserves some kind of award because I remember when I had Weebles as a kid and that was always their tag line.

After dropping Maria off back at her parents’ house, I went to my mom’s to let her have some Andy time and pick up Rachel. I forgot that I promised my friend, Roseanne, that I’d drop by her place for a few minutes to pick up some Christmas cookies she made for us. Normally, they come to visit at our house because the apartment she shares with her husband is like the opposite of babyproofed. We were there for about 20 minutes and of course, Andy was into everything. So we went to leave and walked out the front door to see the rear passenger side tire on my car was totally flat.

By now it’s close to 5:00, Steve isn’t home from work yet. Rosie’s husband was at work. I know how to change a tire but, hey, I’m almost seven months pregnant and it’s cold and getting darker by the second. I put Andy in his car seat and started the car so the heat would run. Rosie took Rachel to a local R&S Strauss store for a can of “Fix-a-flat” and I climbed into the backseat next to Andy. While I was waiting for them to return, a car pulled into the driveway and a guy got out. I didn’t recognize him at first, but it was Roseanne’s BIL. She called her husband at work, who then called his brother who happened to be in the neighborhood and he changed my tire for me. Somewhere along the way, I picked up a screw in my tire. I drove home on the doughnut at 55 mph, getting passed by every other car on the Parkway.

As soon as I got home Steve started calling around to tire places and only one was open. He dropped the tire off for me to pick up this morning. We ordered a pizza, since neither of us was in any mood to cook and we watched a bonus episode of House before going to bed.